Thursday 9 June 2016
 10:01 AM CST

Irises are in bloom! Here are some of the unique colors available.

Saturday 28 May 2016
 9:20 AM CST

Garden Path will be open Memorial Day weekend. Saturday 8-6, Sunday 10-4, Monday 8-8. Please make a visit to our greenhouse a part of your weekend plans.

 9:17 AM CST

Forgot to load this last pic, geraniums near full bloom. Hope you enjoyed. Come visit us soon.

Wednesday 11 May 2016
 5:44 AM CST

While providing healthy and vigorous plants, we also try to time our flowers for blooming. For Mother's day we want some color, and for this upcoming weekend we would like to see everything in bloom . This year some things are still in bud, and others not as far along (more)

 5:38 AM CST

This was May 7. Customer traffic has been purchasing the largest blooms. Good for business but not for photos!!! One more picture in a couple of days